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Sharks signing spree, selfish or just good business?

It is know well established that the Sharks have massive financial backing through their partnership with the American based MVM Holdings. The injection of dollars into the franchise, along with the master stroke of pairing up with Roc Nation have helped the Sharks immensely in their ambitions to grow into a global sporting brand. This is professional sport after all and who can blame a BUSINESS for doing what any business should to grow and expand their brand.

As the great Albert Einstein once said "insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result." So who can blame the Sharks for jumping at the chance to link up with MVM, whilst the Stormers were napping or having Roc Nation on board to expand their brand. The Rand is a weak currency and gave the Durban side very little power to compete when their players were being offered lucrative contracts over seas. So well done to them for finding a way to not only solve this, but also to lure that lost talent back home.

The Sharks began the signing with probably the biggest signatures in SA rugby at the moment, Siya Kolisi, then Bongi Mbonambi and in early 2021, Eben Etzebeth. The Sharks have in the last two weeks, also announced the signing of Rohan Janse van Rensburg, Vincent Tshituka and Carlu Sadie. You can rest assured as well that the Sharks likely have other signing in the pipeline too as they continue to flex their financial muscles, this was confirmed by Beast Mtawarira who is the MVM representative on the Sharks board.

“There are other things in the pipeline, which I am not allowed to divulge at the moment, but I think that everything that is being done at the Sharks is for the team to become a dominant force in world rugby.”

Social media seems to be abuzz with anger directed towards the Durban franchise. The anger emanates from supporters of local teams who feel as though the Sharks are dipping into their talent pool and stealing their top tier players. Other contempt comes from supporters who see their former teams players returning home to South Africa albeit to the Sharks and not their former team. I think and I say it again, people are forgetting that the sport at the end of the day is a business.

Fans are also quick to forget that the Sharks may have signed Tshituka and Sadie, but the Lions just signed Nohamba and Louw from them. The Bulls also signed Sbu Nkosi and back in the day the Stormers lured Pieter-Steph away. It is just good business.

Being angry at the Sharks for singing the quality personnel they are, is like being angry at Eskom for signing German engineers to put an end to load shedding. Its even worse to be angry at players and to call them disloyal when they are simply chasing a career. We have all had jobs and left them in pursuit of new ambitions and better financial standing, so why should the players be lambasted for making the most of their 10 - 15 year playing career?

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What about the salary cap? Dollars mean nothing if you are only allowed to spend around 60- 70 million.

May 15, 2022
Replying to

Hi Brian, you're right. However the Cap is enforced differently in SA, as opposed to the prem. Our Podcast Episode, Tip of the Cap explains it in full if you're free for a listen.

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