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The first upset of RWC 2023?

The David and Goliath Showdown: Could Georgia Pull Off a Rugby World Cup Upset Against Australia?

In the world of sports, there's always room for surprises, and the upcoming clash between the Wallabies, the Australian rugby team, and Georgia in the Rugby World Cup promises to be nothing short of intriguing. While history and rankings may favour the Wallabies, there's an undeniable sense of anticipation in the air that Georgia could potentially pull off a remarkable upset in this match.

First and foremost, let's acknowledge the elephant in the room: Australia's recent form. Under their new coach, Eddie Jones, the Wallabies have experienced a tough period, losing their last five games. The pressure on the team is immense, and they're undoubtedly looking to secure a much-needed win to regain their confidence. However, this very pressure can work both ways. It may either propel them to victory, or it could become an added burden that the Georgians could capitalize on.

On the flip side, Georgia enters this contest with a more encouraging build-up. They've secured notable wins against bigger unions like Wales and Italy in the lead-up to the World Cup. This signifies that they are no longer pushovers, and they have the skills, determination, and self-belief to take on the world's rugby giants.

What makes the prospect of a Georgian upset even more fascinating is the unpredictability of sports. In rugby, a game can change in a matter of minutes, and all it takes is one inspired performance or a strategic move to turn the tide. If Georgia can maintain their discipline, execute their game plan effectively, and exploit any weaknesses in the Wallabies' lineup, they could very well find themselves on the verge of making history.

This is particularly true of the pressure placed upon the shoulders of young Australian flyhalf, Carter Gordon. Whilst he will be pleased to have the backing of his head coach, he and all of us are well aware that he is not the finished product in the 10 jersey. Gordon is also the only specialist in the squad which only serves to add to the pressure the young man finds himself under. It really is sink or swim at this point.

Another factor that cannot be underestimated is the passion and pride that Georgia brings to the rugby field. Rugby may not be the dominant sport in their country, but the Georgian players have consistently shown a fierce commitment to representing their nation on the global stage. This level of dedication can be a potent motivator and could drive them to perform at their very best when facing a team like Australia. If their loose trio are able to roam around the park and disrupt the Aussie 9/10 axis, they could really prevent the big strike runners from Australia making an influence on the game.

Historically, Australia has been a rugby powerhouse, boasting a rich rugby heritage and a formidable track record in the Rugby World Cup. However, the possibility of a Georgian upset lies in their underdog status. The Wallabies may underestimate their opponents, focusing more on their own internal struggles, and this could provide Georgia with a crucial advantage.

While the odds may favour Australia, the potential for a Georgian upset in the Rugby World Cup clash is very real. Recent form, passion, and the underdog spirit all play into Georgia's hands and it will serve to motivate the Lelos in their opening hit out.

As rugby fans around the world gear up for this showdown, we're reminded once again that in the world of sports, anything is possible. Will Georgia become the David to Australia's Goliath and script a memorable upset? Only time will tell, but one thing is certain: this match promises to be a captivating spectacle, and rugby enthusiasts everywhere will be watching with bated breath as the first potential upset of RWC 2023 gets underway on Saturday.

Kickoff: 18:00

Stade de France, Saint-Denis

Referee: Luke Pearce

80 000 Capacity

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